Drios constitutes a small fishing village in the east coast of Paros Island


Located just next to Chryssi Akti beach (Golden Beach) with significant historical, cultural and natural record.

Drios village is a place of exquisiteness with rich vegetation due to the groundwater sources.

Furthermore, Drios features a small beautiful lake which is just a short stop of the underground waters’ traveling from the mountain springs to the two impressive natural open tanks before falling into the sea at Drios beach creating an amazing spectacle.

Drios village differs significantly from other traditional Greek Cycladic Islands due to its unique architecture. The village does not have a main square as usual but instead a narrow alley enclosed by two tall stone walls leading to the amazing beach and Drios’ picturesque harbor.

According to the ancient myth, this whole area was owned by a very rich landowner who also had into his possession a resort with an ancient shipyard right at the seafront. It is said that he built those tall stone walls on purpose so that the farmers working in the fields could not see his beautiful wife descending with her horse the alley to the sea.

The interest of Drios village though begins in ancient times. Drios is located just next to a small village named Pyrgaki where the remains of a submerged prehistoric settlement of the Bronze Age can be found along with many other ancient findings and sights of interest. Further, Drios beach and the area close to the uninhabited island of Drios presents many shipwrecks for those who seek to explore and investigate the stunning seabed.

Drios village goes beyond usual with all the amazing aura and history to inspire visitors to discover the unique treasures of the island.